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We have premises in Tyne and Wear and Durham. You can get in touch with us in many different ways; just take a look at our contact page.  » more

Are you a builder constructing a new property? A homeowner planning some DIY? A large company? Whichever you are, Ezimix Concrete can help.


Our concrete is great quality, lasting you a long time. We'll deliver it promptly, not allowing any delays to your project. And you'll save money compared to other suppliers, as we offer great prices.  » more

Need help getting your concrete where it needs to be? We can load wheelbarrows and transport it to the exact spot where you'll be working, so there's minimal effort for you.

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High quality concrete

We can deliver your concrete to your location, often on the same day that you order.

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You can pick up your concrete yourself if that's more convenient.


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Laying concrete can be tricky if you're not sure what you're doing. We can lay for you.

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What more could you need? Low prices? Fast delivery? A professional company that goes out of its way for you? Well, we do all that too!

Great concrete

Free wheelbarrowing




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